Retro Glamour & Pinup Photography

My book, Retro Glamour & Pinup Photography is now available for on Amazon.

Dallas Intimate Photographer Pinup Boudoir IPC 2016 Paint Me Like One of Your French GirlsThis book contains over 125 images to help teach and inspire you on my modern take on this style. You will see everything from simple lighting set ups and ideas to elaborate fantasy post processing treatments. I talk about planning the wardrobe, posing, and how to talk to your clients to get the most from their session.

Angel in DisguiseToday’s portrait photographers owe a debt of gratitude to old-school pin-up and glamour photographers, who knew how to entice viewers with images that ooze with a playful, come-hither sexuality. The subjects were impeccably posed, lit, attired, and directed to ensure that every portrait was evocative and gave viewers insight into the woman’s personality — whether she were a smokey-eyed siren or a girl-next-door type.

Top 10 2015 Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir Glamour Photography The PhotographerIn this book, you will learn how to connect with clients, create effective lighting setups, correct perceived flaws through posing, drum up playful prop-and-set combinations to develop a portrait theme, and more.

Readers will also find a host great tips for maximizing each image through thoughtful and efficient post-production work. Armed with the tips in this book, beginners and pros alike will find a renewed creative vision and have at hand the powerful tools required to bring their portrait ideas to life.

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