Just Ask

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir Photography 1002Do I have to be naked?
Absolutely not. The amount of clothing or skin is entirely up to you. This kind of session is about you and what you want. My only goal is to make you look as fabulous as you are.

Will someone else be there?
I will have my female makeup artist or some other female assistant in the studio during your shoot. You are also welcome to bring along a friend.

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir Photography 1004Can I bring a friend/boyfriend/husband?
Absolutely. In fact, I encourage it. Having someone you know can be great support to cheer you on as we reveal your inner goddess. A female companion is a favorite, but boyfriends and husbands are also allowed as long as the adhere to the rule that the session is about you. No negativity is allowed in the studio.

Will my pictures be all over the Internet?
All of the images you see on my website are all approved by the gorgeous women for posting online. I will discuss any image with you before they are posted and if you don’t want any to ever be online, that is ok, too.

What if one of the images from the session reveals too much or is so embarrassing that I don’t want it to ever be seen?
We will talk carefully about your boundaries and limits of what you want to show. If something is accidentally captured that you don’t want to ever be seen, it will be deleted permanently either in camera or from the computer. You can even watch me do it if you want to be certain. I care deeply about your privacy. Remember, this session is all about you.

Do you do commissioned art pieces, fantasy images, body paint, or black tape projects?
Yes. I can do elaborate fantasy pieces placing you in any setting you can imagine – from Greek goddess to post-apocalyptic warrior. I also have found a fantastic body artist that can do amazing body painting and black tape projects. Please inquire if you are interested in any of these for a quote.

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer Couples The KissDo you photograph couples?
Yes. I am a hopeless romantic and love photographing expressions of love and tenderness. Since love knows no bounds, that applies to same sex couples as well as traditional partnerships.

Dallas Fort Worth Male Boudoir Photography - 300Do you photograph men?
Absolutely. While this website is geared toward women, I do photograph men as well – whether its athletic, “dudoir,” or just a straight GQ style look. Do you have a concept in mind? Use the link below and let’s talk about it.

Other Questions?
Don’t be shy – just ask.