Preparing for Your Session

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir Photography 1025

So you’ve book and now you’re getting ready for your session. What do you need to do? What do you wear? What do you bring?

First, relax. We’ve got you covered.

Collect the items you want to use in your session. This includes any clothing, lingerie, jewelry, and props that you think you might want.

Next, remember shoes. High heels and stilettos are especially popular. Even if you are planning a nude or implied nude session, shoes and especially heels can complete a look in a very sexy way.

A robe is a must if you are doing lingerie or any level of nudity. Your body is beautiful, but there is no need to wander around the studio half naked. So please, bring a robe to wear between sets. If you forget one, we do have one here, but you will be much more comfortable in your own.

Wear comfortable clothes while you are traveling to your session. Loose fitting clothes are best and if you can stand it, avoid tight fitting undergarments. Panties, thongs, and bras tend to leave indentations in the skin that take time for the skin to rebound. You can also remove these once you arrive at the studio so your skin can recover while your makeup is done.

For your makeup, please come with a clean face and hair. If you have specific makeup needs, please bring those along and my makeup artist will work with your materials. In general, though, I do not want you to worry about your makeup and hair. That’s our job and part of the transformation.